IA Strategy


Pioneer Authority in regulation and development of the insurance sector and upgrading its standards to compete global


Organizing and supervising the insurance sector, developing the insurance companies’ performance, availing qualified human cadre to carry out insurance business and protecting the rights of the insured and the beneficiaries by advising plans to develop the insurance industry, enhance insurance awareness and consolidate cooperation ties with the bodies supervising the insurance sector in the Arab World and throughout the World.


  • Organizing and developing UAE’s insurance sector.
  • Enhancing supervision and control over the insurance sector to ensure compliance with laws. 
  • Promoting UAE as regional and international insurance hub and enhancing relations with the local and federal entities.
  • Ensuring all administrative services rendered in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.
  • Establishing a culture of innovation in institutional workplaces.


  • Creativity: Rendering distinguished services above the expectations on line with the highest standards of excellence. 
  • Responsibility & Allegiance: Keep up the spirit of devotion to work and the nation.
  • Transparency: Clarity in transactions and decisions of concern to the dealers inside and outside the Insurance Authority. 
  • Team working: Working together as one team to achieve the objectives of the Insurance Authority.
  • Fairness and justice: Preserve the rights of all parties.



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