Title Published Date File Size
The Board’s Decision No. ( 37 ) of (2017) Concerning the Instructions for the Licensing and Registration of the Points of Sale Affiliated to Insurance Companies and the Organization of their Operations26/10/2017441 KB
Insurance Authority Board of Directors Decision No. (32) of 201717/09/201718,272 KB
The Board of Directors Decision No.(22) of 2017 concerning the application of the investment limits 17/07/2017423 KB
Cabinet resolution No.(16) of 2017 On the amendment of some provisions of the Cabinet Resolution14/05/2017534 KB
Insurance Authority Board of Directors Decision No. ( 9 ) of 2017 Concerning the Regulations on Licensing and Registration of Actuaries and Regulation of their Operations23/03/2017663 KB
Guidance Notes for the Common Reporting Standard ( CRS ) U.A.E08/12/20162,195 KB
Insurance Authority Board of Directors Decision No (25) of 201622/09/2016775 KB
10 of 2016 concerning the existing Composite companies31/05/201613 KB
11 of 2016 concerning the Pricing policy31/05/201644 KB
12 of 2016 concerning the elapse of the impact of the Disciplinary Sanctions31/05/201638 KB
administrative Decision No.79 of 2015 Concerning the Guidelines on Anti-Mony Laundry and Counter Terrorism Financing Offences in insurance Activities29/12/2015400 KB
Resolution No.( 25 )of 2015 Concerning amending ministerial decision number (54 ) of 1987.08/12/201540 KB
28 of 2015 concerning extending the period pursuant to Article 2516/08/20158 KB
FATCA UAE Guidance Notes06/07/20152,208 KB
FATCA Agreement17/06/20154,020 KB
7of 2015 the Instructions for Licensing Health Insurance Third Party Administrators and Regulation and Control of their Business31/05/2015154 KB
Instructions Concerning Anti-Money Laundry and Counter-Terrorism Financing in Insurance Activities31/05/2015264 KB
Resolution No. 20 of 2014 On the Amendment of Some Provisions of the Insurance Authority Board of Directors Resolution No. 15 of 2013 Concerning the Insurance Brokerage Regulations30/11/2014251 KB
Decision No (58) of 2013 Concerning the Implementation of Insurance Authority Board of Directors Resolution No. 15 of 2013 concerning Insurance Brokerage Regulations08/12/201338 KB
15 of 2013 concerning Insurance Brokerage Regulations09/10/2013104 KB
13 of 2013 concerning prescribed fees for TPAs12/05/201325 KB
9 of 2011 concerning licensing TPAs31/07/201136 KB
Insurance Authority Board Resolution No.9 of 201114/06/2011111 KB
8 of 2011 concerning the Regulation of Insurance Agents28/04/201172 KB
6 of 2010 concerning Surveyors and Loss Adjusters Regulations31/01/201143 KB
4 Oof 2010 concerning Takaful Regulations29/07/201044 KB
3 of 2010 concerning the Code of Conduct and Ethics29/04/201033 KB
42 of 2009 concerning Minimum Capital Regulations27/12/200925 KB
23 of 2009 Fees for Supervision15/07/2009433 KB
120 of 1999 concerning Insurance Comsultancy07/12/199923 KB
23 of 1985 concerning Insurance Consultancy15/04/198539 KB
Resolution No. (22) of 1985 Concerning the Conditions and Procedures for Registration in the Actuaries Register15/04/198543 KB
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