Insurance Authority Establishing Law and The Executive Regulation{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Insurance Authority Establishing Law and The Executive RegulationFederal Law No. 5 of 2012 12/10/2012 242 KB The Executive Regulation 31/01/2010 8,041 KB Federal Law No.6 2007 28/02/2007 179 KB
Legal Archives{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Legal ArchivesThis page contains the  Circulars instructions issued pursuant to the Insurance Authority Establishment Law Circular No. (19) of 2017 Concerning the reimbursement of the ambulance
Draft Regulations and Instructions{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Draft Regulations and InstructionsThis page contains the draft regulations to the issued pursuant to the Insurance Authority Establishment Law, in order to receive feedback from the stakeholder
Financial Regulations Of Insurance Companies{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Financial Regulations Of Insurance Companies Reporting Forms-eForms Insurance Companies Solvency template Takaful Companies IA Financial Reporting eForms v1.5 30/10/2017 17,507 KB Supervision Fees Form (INFO-7) 20/03/2017 153
Decisions, regulations and instructions{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208} Decisions, regulations and instructionsThe Board’s Decision No. ( 37 ) of (2017) Concerning the Instructions for the Licensing and Registration of the Points of Sale Affiliated to Insurance Companies and the
Laws and Relevant Decision{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Laws and Relevant Decision
Training Courses{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}Training CoursesThis page contains training courses that are relevant to the Insurance Authority undertakings AML - CFT English-2017 28/08/2017 2,009 KB
Enforcements{caee023b-2ea7-46b5-a7c3-cb4199b47208}EnforcementsCircular No. ( 31) Of 2016 , permission to PINNACLE Insurance Brokers 16/10/2017 213 KB Circular No. (20) of 2015, Swiss Capital Insurance Brokers 16/10/2017 183 KB



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