Insurance Complaints

Service Description

  • This process aims to clarify the steps involved in various insurance's complaints and inquiries against insurance companies, in order to complete the process systematically

Service Scope

  • Process includes receiving complaints by personal attendance, fax, phone, e-mail or through website
  • Input: complaint form submitted by the complainant
  • Outputs: resolve or terminate the complaint

Service Workflow and Steps

  • Submit complaint
  • IA complaints section follow up with insurance company and the complainant
  • Resolve the complaint and notify the complainant
  • The company submitting the comment and the proposed solution

Service Conditions

  • Submit complaint form

Attachments Required

  • Accedent Report
  • Copy of insurance policy

  • ​Car licence  - incase car insurance required 

Service Fees

  • No fees

Service Duration Time

  • The complaint will be resolved within 5 working days from the date of submission to the Insurance Authority

Target Audience

  • Policy holder​

Service Forms

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Video Tutorial

 How to Add Insurance Complaints
How to Add Insurance Complaints

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