Supplier Electronic Registration Service

Supplier Electronic Registration Service

Service Description

  • Registration in the Suppliers’ Register is the first step of a due process that should be carried out to work with the Insurance Authority

Attachments Required

    • Valid Trade License issued by the competent authorities.
    • Valid Chamber of Commerce and Industry Membership Certificate.
    • Supporting documents for commercial agencies (if any).
    • Approval of the authenticated signature of the authorized signatory.
    • A certified letter of authorization to sign (in case the authorized signatory is not the owner of the license).
    • Valid passport of the owner of the company / establishment and partners.
    • Bank account data of the company / establishment.
    • Registration number in the Federal Supplier Register with the Ministry of Finance.

Service Procedures

    • Agree to the listed terms and conditions.
    • Fill out an Electronic Supplier Registration Form.
    • Send to

Terms and Conditions

  • Supplier or service providers acknowledge that they are well aware of the following terms and conditions and declare their acceptance as enforceable condition before moving on to the steps of supplier registration, and then to the actual registration in the Electronic Registration System of the Authority. I, as the authorized person on behalf of the company / establishment applying for registration in the Electronic Registration System of the Insurance Authority, acknowledge that I will complete the registration, and accordingly, I am committed to the following:
    • All information provided by me to the Insurance Authority through the registration process is true and genuine and reflects the true reality of our business activity.
    • I understand very well that it is my responsibility to update my account on the Electronic Supplier Registration System with any changes relating to the contact information or the business status. Failure to update the Electronic Supplier Registration System will exclude us from receiving any invitations to participate in tenders, or clarifications and everything new from the Insurance Authority.
    • I understand very well that completing the supplier electronic registration procedures does not guarantee that my company will receive an invitation to participate in a tender or that the company has become an “approved” supplier for the Insurance Authority. Registration is only the first step of a due process that should be carried out to work with the Insurance Authority. The Authority reserves the right to accept or reject the applications according to its work needs.
    • I understand that the registration is valid for one calendar year starting from the date of approval; and that I am responsible for the registration renewal in the Electronic Supplier Registration System of the Authority before the end of the registration validity. Failure to renew the registration on timely basis will cause the deactivation of the supplier registration on the list of current suppliers of the Authority.
    • I am well aware that e-mail messages, fax messages and letters dispatched by courier or delivered by hand after their receipt confirmation shall be official correspondence between the supplier / service provider and the Insurance Authority.
    • I should read and understand the tender documentation issued by the Insurance Authority, and make sure that all requirements, terms and conditions are examined and considered, and ensure compliance therewith.
    • I will follow the instructions contained in the tender document(s) on the preparation and submission of bids when responding to any tender or practice launched by the Insurance Authority.
    • I shall ensure that the confidentiality of information of the Insurance Authority is maintained; and I will not disclosed any information I receive from the Insurance Authority to any unauthorized party except after obtaining the written approval of the employee in charge at the Insurance Authority.
    • I am aware that our company will be black listed in case it is proven that the company has commit any of the following acts while working with the Insurance Authority:
      • Sending incorrect, forged or fabricated information or documents to the Insurance Authority or any governmental authority within or outside the United Arab Emirates;
      • If the company is convicted in corruption crimes or in financial cases involving moral turpitude, and the like;
      • Committing a bad conduct while dealing with the Insurance Authority or any other clients;
      • Infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party;
      • Participating directly or indirectly in determining the prices relating to third parties;
      • Providing false data on the quality of goods, services, skills of employees, past experience and acquired expertise to the Authority;
      • Poor performance, undue delay in the performance of contractual obligations and failure to perform the work and deliver the goods and services on time.
      • Violation of tender procedures during and after the award by contacting parties other than the Procurement and Contracts Unit in the Insurance Authority unless the Authority is expressly advised thereof as relating to the details of the tender or to get more information.
    • The company / establishment is not owned by an employee of the Authority and there is no next of kin relation between the owner or partners of the company and an employee of the Insurance Authority.

Service Forms

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Registration supplier​ form

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Complaint  supplier​ form

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